• Mystery Solved: How Do Tips of Plants Stay Virus-free?

    Stem cells at the tips of plants have been known to keep viruses away from this region, even as an infection ravages the rest of the plant. Quite how this happens has long been something of a mystery to scientists. Until now.

    WUSCHEL proteins resist the viral invasion by inhibiting the protein assembly line of the plant stem cell. (Image by CHEN Lei and LIANG Yan)
  • Tough, Strong and Heat-Endure: Bioinspired Material to Oust Plastics
    [2020-11-09] Being tougher, stronger and more adaptive to heat, a new bioinspired material is here to overtake petroleum-based plastics, thanks to researchers' work on an easy and sca...
  • Scientists Snap Molecular Building Blocks of Brain Computing
    [2020-11-09] A new technique for image processing helps scientists observe building blocks of brain computing—synapses. They deciphered organization of certain proteins, which endows ...
  • Night Runners Light Up Playground Like Stars
    [2020-11-07] The 2020 Light Run was launched recently, attracting more and more to exercise and live a healthy life style. The light armbands flow like stars on playground.
  • Nano-CT Enables Direct Observation of Nanoparticle Formation in Cells
    [2020-11-06] Researchers were able to directly observe the formation of nanoparticles inside cells with high contrast, which shed new light on understanding structures of cells.
  • Fire Researchers Popularize Science at Primary School
    [2020-11-05] Cool experiments of fire, VR experiences and books on fire science--check out the welcomed science popularization activity held by researchers and staff.
  • Researchers Measure Adhesion Strength of Single Microbial Cells with Plasmonic Probing
    [2020-11-04] The technology can rapidly screen biological fillers and anti-biofilm materials.
  • From Electron to Geospace: Researchers Demystify Magnetic Reconnection
    [2020-11-03] The onset mechanism of magnetotail reconnection has been controversial for decades, until researchers show spacecraft observations and simulations evidences recently.
  • The Ninth Alumni-Enterprise Job Fair Held
    [2020-11-02] A total of 80 alumni enterprises participated in the fair, providing more than 2,000 jobs for all 2021 graduates.
  • The First “WANG Ganchang’s Lecture” Held
    [2020-10-30] Three experts in nuclear science shared talks with over 200 teachers.
  • Work of Postgraduate Recommendation Completed
    [2020-10-29] Both quantity and quality of admission hit a record high.
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  • Doping a Mott insulating triangular adatom lattice on silicon: sublattice meltin...

    11-05 15:00 B1502,Building B,Physical Science Park

    The Story of Chain-Folding: From Polymers to Proteins

    11-06, 16:00 ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Buildin

    Doping a Mott Insulating Triangular Adatom Lattice on Silicon: Sublattice Meltin...

    11-05, 15:00 B1502, Building B, Physical Science Park

    Searching for Ultralight Dark Matter

    11-04, 16:00 ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Two-armed Bandit Problem and Nonlinear Limit Theorems

    11-04, 16:00 Zoom ID 99854631775, Password 123456 School of Mathematical Sciences

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